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Centre for Continued Education
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As a Department we offer training in the various areas of study to help learners boost their different careers and improve their expertise in the industry. We assure you that the knowledge we give is high quality and most of our students because of the courses we provide hold high esteemed positions in the Industry. We produce high valued leaders in business and in the country at large.
Our Vision
To be the leaders in training, learning, and provision of holistic Health Education.
Our Mission
To provide lifelong competency skills in Education, Training, Entrepreneurship and Contemporary studies for national and regional needs.
Head of Department
Mr. G. Manhuru
orn 5 July 1967. Head of department at Adult and Continuing Education since 2017. A Principal Lecturer since 2006. A Holder of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the National University of Science & Technology (NUST) in Zimbabwe and a Bachelor of Science Education Honours’ Degree in Geography (HBSc-Education in Geography) from the University of Enrique Jose Varona in CUBA. Also hold a Diploma in Spanish Language, a Class 2 ZIFA Soccer Referee Certificate, A Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation, HEXCO National Discipline Coordinator for National and Strategic Studies. Bulawayo Polytechnic Graduation Chairperson.
Currently lecturing in Human Resources Development, Educational Media and Technology, National Studies, Research Methods, Management of Training and Development Studies. I did my Secondary Education at Cyrene Secondary School. Highly competent in ICTs skills (SPSS, Excel, PowerPoint and Word processing). Taught Geography at both O and A Levels at Globe and Phoenix and Singwango Secondary Schools. Organized a successful International Educational Trip to Zambia. As a chess coach Bulawayo Polytechnic won several medals at TEZAS, ZTISU, ZIZAMA and CUCSA Games.
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